Tour to Hunza Valley

    A Special Tour to Hunza Valley Hello Everyone as we knows in Northern Areas of Pakistan contains so many beautiful places in which one of them is known is  Hunza which has been governed by the family known as Mirs of Hunza for 960 years. Hunzakuts are believed to be the offspring’s of five ramble soldiers of Alexander the Great. Brushuski Language has been spoken by the people of Hunza , which is an initial language. the glorious [...]

Tour to Neelam Valley

     A Tour to Neelam Valley (Norhtern Areas of Pakistan ) Hello EveryOne as we know Neelam Valey is located at Northern Areas in Pakistan, people from different regions comes Neelam Valey for entertainment and they really enjoy these Valley . Families and students are excited towards Neelum Valley to take the advantage of greenery and beautiness, crystal streams, high green mountains, and heavy forests. People comes with some stuffs like bags and carrying walking sticks, A geathering of students [...]