Tour to Neelam Valley

     A Tour to Neelam Valley (Norhtern Areas of Pakistan )

Hello EveryOne as we know Neelam Valey is located at Northern Areas in Pakistan, people from different regions comes Neelam Valey for entertainment and they really enjoy these Valley . Families and students are excited towards Neelum Valley to take the advantage of greenery and beautiness, crystal streams, high green mountains, and heavy forests.

People comes with some stuffs like bags and carrying walking sticks, A geathering of students from Lahore, from a private boys’ college  was very eager about hiking to Arang Kel.

But for hiking and camping gadgets we just book a  local  Outdoor Gear  which provide us the quality gadgets on low price.

“We can’t believe that one day we will visit to Neelam Valey.which holds the landscape and charmer in this part of the Neelam Valey. if we are somewhere in Foriegn,” said Saeed, a student from Lahore.

he said that he like to walk in these kinds of mountains areas and the experience in Arang Kel was Fantastic, especially when the clouds is too near want to touching your cheeks.


nelam valley 2

“we can only seen these places in dreams, while staying in Lahore, a place with luxuriant green gardens full of flowers; and the nearest mountain peaks are covered with beautifull snow in the last week of March.

But we just see these scenes in Arang Kel; I would really love to spend the whole summer in Neelum, but can’t,” said Adnan Khan, a medical student from Faisalabad.

The Tourist families spend their mostly time here such as they spends nights in Sharda and Kel hotels and guest houses.

After Eid we expect a good number of tourists to visit the upper areas of Neelum; and finally we visit Neelam Valey and we enjoyed alot..still now we are missing those moments which we already spent there. That was the best moments in our life we all freinds are still missing Neelam Valey..



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