Top 10 Camping Sites in Pakistan

If we talk about Camping sites in Pakistan trust me it’s almost impossible to cover the whole camping sites available for international and national tourists. I will try to cover some of them for you so you can plan your tour under my guidelines.

Types of Camping Sites

There are generally two types of camping sites in Pakistan 1. Easy accessible camping sites and 2. Rural areas camping sites. By reading this guideline you can chose what kind of camping site and which place is best for you.

Easy Accessible Camping Sites in Pakistan

In this category I will try to cover most of the easy camping sites in Pakistan for you.

Deosai National Park (1)

Deosai national park is also known as Deosai Plains and roof of the world. It is 2nd highest plateau in the world and 1st highest in Pakistan. It is house of brown bears and you can also enjoy a view of Galaxy, best time to view Galaxy is from August to October (weather condition applied). If we talk about the elevation it is 4,114 meters (13,497 ft) above sea level.

Deosai plains is accessible from Sakardu and Astore if you are coming on Karakorum highway you will find a turn at Nanga Parbat View point to Astore. From that part you will enter into the Deosai through chillam chowki the first place you hit is Sheosar Lake. You can find bundle of camping spots around the lake. When you camp there just remember to take mosquito safety lotion. I is strange to have mosquitos in such high altitude but it’s true.

Deosai plains is also accessible through Sakardu if you are coming through China you will have Sakardu at first and you need to get off from Karakorum high way around 160km to reach Sakardu. When you hit Deosai plains via Sakardu you will first reach point known as Kalapani, which is house of trout fish. You can find bundle of camping spots there.

The weather conditions of Deosai plains are very un-predictable so you batter take all precautions before reaching there, because there is no such infrastructure available once you reach there.

Kumrat Valley (2)

Kumrat valley located at khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (KPK). You can access it easily via road (rough). There are two roads which will lead you to the Kumrat valley.

Via Kalam Valley

If you have 4×4 vehicle or motorbikes upto 150cc you can access kumrat via Kalam, the road is totally trough and rocky. Before going through this route make sure your driver is very familiar to hilly turns and steep hights.

Via Upper Dir

If you do not prefer tough driving you batter go via Dir, it is almost straight and smoother road until you enter into the Kumrat valley. A normal driver can easily drive through this route.

Hotels and Facilities

There are less hotel and facilities available in this area you have to take your meal with you. If you are staying more than a day you can come back to place Thal to get your food although the road is very rough to go back for food. There are several hotel available at the start of the valley.

Mahodand Lake (3)

It is also located at khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (KPK). To access it you have to drive through Sawat, Behrain and Kalam after that take a road to Hushu Park that road will directly lead you to the Mahodand Lake.

Hotels and Facilities

There are very less facilities available in that area you have to take most of your necessity with you. However some campsites are constructed by the locals. You can have it on very economical rates or you can carry your own camping stuff.

Road Conditions

The road is really trough and hard from Kalam to Mahodand lake its batter to take 4×4 or motorbike because the road conditions may cause vital damage of your car.

Phander Valley (4)

Phander valley is accessible via Gilgit and Chitral. It is such a dazzling valley between too many dry mountain range. The Phander valley is famous due to its lush green areas and crystal clear water. You can also plan trout fish hunting in Phander Valley there are enough spots to have it.

Camping Site and Facilities

There are no such facilities available in this area and you can find a suitable camping sites almost in whole valley. The famous Shandor Fastival is also take place near Phander valley at Shandor lake, you can also set your camp there.

Shandor Top (5)

Shandor top or lake is present at district Chitral you can access it via Gilgit and Chitral it is present almost at the center of District Gilgit and District Chitral. The famous international Shandor festival is also take place there.

Via Chitral

If you want to access it via Chitral and you coming from Islamabad you have to take a route from lower Dir to Upper Dir to Lawari pass than Chitral the road conditions is trough from Mastuj to the Shandor Top. You batter take 4×4 or motorbike upto 150cc with you.

Via Gilgit

If you want to access it via Gilgit you have to take same route which you have to take for the Phander valley. The Shandor top is located right after the Phander valley if you are coming from the Gilgit, the condition of road is same in this route you have to take 4×4 or motorbike upto 150cc.

Difficult Accessible Camping Sites in Pakistan

In this category you will find a camping sites that needs some efforts to reach out, however these top camping sites in Pakistan are not that much difficult.

Siri Paye (6)

Siri Paye are basically 2 spots that are located in Kaghan valley near Shogran. It is surrounded by Makra Peak, Malika Parbat, Musa ka Musala and the mountains of Kashmir. The height of Siri Paye is 9498 feet almost which is not very comfortable for the beginners however in summer you can access it via jeep. The track of Makra Peak is starting from Paye Meadows, which itself is a huge destination for trekkers.

How to Access?

The Siri Paye is accessible via Kiwai passing through Shogran by a jeep track or you can walk through the jeep track which is almost 15km from Kiwai to Paye Meadows. The track is tough and you need some extra energy to get camping equipment with you, however the track is suitable if you hike through bare handed.

Hotels and Facility

You will find best hotels and restaurant at Shogran, but for camping you have to carry your own stuff, however some sort of rooms available at Siri. The jeep track is not suitable for any vehicle under 4×4 drive and with lower suspension.

Dudipatsar Lake (7)

This lake is located in Kaghan Valley district of Mansehra. The lake is so beautiful and heaven for the trekkers due to its amazing sightseeing and trek. The area is totally remote and you will find very less humans on that area. The lake is 12500 feet high above the sea level. Due to its greenery and blooming flowers it is very rare and unique lake. The lake is also known as house of trout fish you can easily catch trout fish if you have some guts.

Hotels and Facility

There are no hotels and facility available at lake however you can find some helpful locals, at small village known as Mullah ki Basti, which is last human spot before the lake. You can also stay for the night at Mullah ki Basti so you can move to lake early morning. If you love camping I suggest you to stay at lake you going to love it.

How to Access?

I am sure you know about Naran, Dudupatsar is not far from Naran just take a road to Babusir top from Naran and you will find a stop known as Basel which is located before Lulusir Lake. You have to cross the river to start hike to Dudipatsar Lake. At Basel you can also find the Guide and Porters.

Fairy Meadows (8)

Fairy Meadows is also known as Nanga Parbat base camp. It is most beautiful place that you will find in District Diamer. Fairy Meadows is also one of the top destination for international tourist you can find more foreigners there as compare to any other spot in Pakistan due to great Nanga Parbat. It is 10800 feet high above the sea level which is itself very higher basecamp. Rakhiot face of the Nanga Parbat is accessible via Fairy Meadows.

Hotels and Facilities

There are bundle of hotels and restaurants available at Fairy Meadows however you can still allow to enjoy camping. There is a lush green polo ground at the center from where you can enjoy best view of Nanga Parbat and during season you can also enjoy Galaxy.

How to Access?

To reach Fairy Meadows you have to travel from Chillas towards Gilgit, at the stop name Raikot Bridge you can book jeep that can carry you near Fairy Meadows after that you have to do some trekking (not very tough) to carry camping stuff you can find the porters where jeep lefts you.

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