One Day Tour to Murree

               One Day Camping Tour to Muree

Hello Everybody as we know Camping is the best moments of our daily life.sometimes we need to spend some of our times in beautiful places on camping tour which provides the freshness in our life and make us happier for some time but the most important thing which is it saves some beautiful memories in our heart and mind which we spends on the amazing places.  Islamabad is one of the beautiful place in Pakistan that has heights having proper hike tracks which provides an huge amount of  experience to tourists.

Murree, the mount station that also known the capital of all the mount stations in this specific of Islamabad. for visit such a beautiful hills people sometime takes for cars,buses, and haice. and some tourist prefers Daewoo and the brave people uses biking all the way to Murree. as they enjoys a lot.


For the tourist and local persons of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Murree is the one of dashing and attractive place for the tourist that they enjoys a lot and take some of the memorable place in their mind and heart. Murree also had an old history which people are often talking about .. it become an attractive place from many years ago. it provides friendly sharing environment.


On 24 July 2018 we have some friends and we decide to make a journey to Murree which is no doubt it is the nice-looking and heart pleasurable environment.we begins our journey from Islamabad and we enjoy  were so exited but we make a plan to get some of outdoor gadgets from Islamabad. so one of our friend suggest Outdoor Gear .. which had many outdoor gadgets on cheap price for tourist.


we just visit Outdoor Gear in Islamabad on address VIP Plaza i8 Markaz Islamabad. and finally we got some cool outdoor gadgets from them..after an hour we just reached to that road which was so narrow but was looking so amazing.we just enjoyed the greenery of place.we also capture some of the best photo shoot in that greenery place.

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