EUSEBIO Rucksack (waterproof)


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EUSEBIO is the largest model of hiking Rucksack designed for the far mountain campers. It is useful to load gobbling pack and  want to carry all you need for long is easily adjustable in each way you want to use and the most important thing it that it provides fully water resistance to prevent your goods. Eusebio Rucksack can be used for whole family pack for trekking hiking. It contains the exoskeleton belt to handle the big rucksack on rent Islamabad is now available.

Features :

  • Capacity up-to 40 liters
  • Airflow Back System
  • Good quality Straps
  • Water resistance
  • Weight – 2.2 kg
  • Dimensions – 32 cm (w) x 62 cm (h) x 42 cm (d)

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